[AFRI-Discuss] AFRALO Regional Officers selections and ALAC Representative selection

Philip Fomba JOHNSON johnsonpf1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 14:37:26 UTC 2013

Dear All,

we are looking forward for the elections those nominated. However, I would
like to make some comments of the discussion with regards to accusation of
biases in the selection or nomination process AFRALO Regional Leader and
ALAC Representatives (“Afralo is recycling both ideas and officers”). We
need not hold past or current leadership of AFRALO for such a preferences,
but, our respective ALSes or their representatives should be held
responsible, Perhaps the reason for such a disposition in the nomination
process, I suppose could be the capacity and Interest of ALSes. All ALS do
not have the same capability in term of resources and capacity to assert
their interests within the AFRALO. Another reason could be networking
capacity of Representatives of the ALSes within AFRALO.

The few ALSes or their representatives that assert leadership postures
within the Regional at-large structures will definitely be nominated and
voted for leadership. If other individuals, who all have the same rights do
not show up in another term; definitely recycling will occur again.

I therefore suggest that AFRALO should also be looking at building the
capacity of ALSes and their respective representatives.

Philip F Johnson

ISOC Liberia Chapter ALS

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