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Condolences to his family and the extended AFRALO AL family.

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Dear all,

I’m so sad to announce that Shaarawy Abdelbaki, the president of “Ofok
Tanmia”, one of the AFRALO ALSes passed away. It’s a very bad news for
several reasons, one of them is that Shaarawy was young and had a young

I will contact his family, and will work with Fatimata and Aziz to take the
necessary action for his Family and for our ALS “Ofok Tanmia”. 

My address tijani.benjemaa at fmai.org is not working properly any more. Please
use one of the 2 following addresses: tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn or
tijani.benjemaa at planet.tn



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Cc : Tijani BEN JEMAA; Khaled Koubaa
Objet : Sad news

I’m sorry to covey the news of the passing away of Shaarawy Abdelbaki one of
ICANN’s fellows. I’m attending his funeral service today. 


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