[AFRI-Discuss] AFRALO Updated Statement on interim Report of Geographic Regions Review

Aziz Hilali hilaliaziz at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 26 10:51:21 UTC 2011

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Bonjour à tous

Suite à  la téléconférence du 25/01/2011 d’AFRALO, je vous prie de trouver 
ci-dessous le lien vers la Contribution AFRALO sur le rapport intermédiaire du 
groupe de travail sur la révision des régions géographiques.

Aussi, je vous prie d’envoyer vos commentaires et contributions sur la liste 
avant le Jeudi 28 Janvier 2011 à 23:59 UTC.
Dear All 

Following the AFRALO teleconference on 25 Jan 2011, please find below the link 
to the revised AFRALO Contribution to the ALAC Statement on the Interim Report 
of Geo-Regions Review.
Please send your comments and inputs on the list by Thursday 28th January 2011 
at 23:59 UTC. 


Best Regards
Aziz Hilali
Président Isoc Mrocco
This revised statement from AFRALO is the outcome of the discussions undertaken 
by the African ALSes regarding their view on the Geographic Regions Review 
Working Groupinterim report

AFRALO Statement on ICANN Geographic Regions
We, AFRALO members appreciate the work done by the geographic regions review 
working group and the key questions raised during this exercise, AFRALO would 
like to express it has no objection to the current ICANN geographic region 
structure and distribution, we think that the current ICANN regions fit its 
purposes . 

Africa is a region fighting for unity to promote economic and social 
development. As such, AFRALO members think any division of the African continent 
would jeopardize the efforts deployed to realize this objective. History has 
divided the continent by language and the actual efforts are for reunification. 

AFRALO recommends ICANN to keep the integrity of the African continent as such 
with all its countries as actually recognized by the United Nations. With its 54 
countries and its cultural diversity (multiple languages, different types of 
populations, high demography, different political systems, variety of climates 
and vegetations, etc.) Africa, by itself, is a complex community model in which 
the members learn to respectfully communicate and live together, in harmony. For 
equity reasons, AFRALO recommends that ICANN finds mechanisms to provide due 
representation actors to each continent according to the respective number of 
countries, regardless of the number of languages.


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