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Dear Pastor Peters, 

Thank you for adding these details. I am also forwarding this message to Constituency Travel so they can reply directly. 

Kind regards,

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Dear All.

In addition, it was also suggested and proposed, that, with extant protocols, ICANN can initiate discussions with the Columbia Foreign Affairs Ministry for Visas to be granted to DULY ACCREDITED DELEGATES at the Port of Entry. Even where you have consulates in countries and the process cumbersome, waivers are granted for delegates to get their visas at the Port of Entry to save time.

This is possible from our experience of previous engagements in international fora.

Now is the time to start the planning.

Pastor Peters OMORAGBON 
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> Dear Cheryl and Heidi,
> During the AFRALO last call, the issue of getting an entry
> visa to Colombia
> was raised, and participants expressed their big concern
> about the absence
> of Colombian consular services or embassies in Africa
> except in 3 countries.
> Getting a visa may require months. That's why they wish to
> see ICANN making
> the necessary arrangement with the host country authorities
> to make it easy
> and as fast as possible.
> They also wish that ICANN proceeds as soon as possible with
> the travel
> procedures so that participants can apply shortly for the
> visa with all the
> required documents to avoid complicated
> situations.   
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