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Wed Jun 30 14:33:19 CDT 2010

Dear Mr. Shcombe,

Thank you for your note and your continued commitment to the ICANN model.  This was indeed a difficult situation and decision.  We are very hopeful that if selected you will attend ICANN's 39th Meeting to be held in Cartagena.  We would welcome an opportunity to assist you with all of your arrangements!

We are aware that you were at the consulate/embassy to pick up your visa approximately 90 minutes before your flight was scheduled to depart.  Had you missed that flight, ICANN would have lost the full value of the plane ticket plus the full value of your hotel room.  While it was not an easy decision for us, we felt that the likelihood of you getting from the consulate/embassy to the airport and through security in less than 90 minutes was highly unlikely - in that case you would still have not made the meeting and we would have lost the value of the ticket plus the cost of the hotel room.  We therefore decided to cancel the airline ticket (and hotel room) so as to limit our financial exposure to the cancellations penalties and not the full value of both.

Again, thank you for your kind note and your understanding.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Matt Ashtiani, Karen Lettner, Steven Antonoff
ICANN Constituency Travel Team

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Subject: A nous revoir


I express my deep sadness for my absence in Brussels due to circumstances beyond my control.

Indeed, all the elements necessary and important first order for the creation of a dossier visa application I have received successively at the end of May. This is the letter of invitation and confirmation of booking the hotel room.

These elements must often be sent one month before the departure date, more specifically, for schengen countries and even the USA.

I used all my connections to get the visa within 15 days ie before June 18. Just when we found a solution, the flight was canceled, the room reservation was canceled as well.

I remain united with you and I think it will leverage this experience to make logistical arrangements are taken in the first line.



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