[AFRI-Discuss] Nurses without Borders - Application

Mohamed El Bashir mbashir at mbash.net
Mon Apr 26 15:29:51 CDT 2010


I have reviewed Nurses without Borders application and their web site, i 
did not find anything
that provide information about any activities related to the internet or 

I don't know them, it will be good to have a feedback from someone who 
know them .

Generally, am OK with the application.


On 4/24/10 1:32 AM, Didier Rukeratabaro Kasole wrote:
> Dear AfRALO ALSes
> Attached the due diligence of the application of Nurses without Borders.
> Could you please read it and give your advise asap as the dead line is 
> 27 april, I am sorry for late possiting.
> Didier Kasole
> AfRALO Secratariat
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