[AFRI-Discuss] Learning/Social Network Proposal for ALAC communities

Moataz Shaarawy moataz at ofoksystems.com
Mon Mar 8 15:21:14 CST 2010

Hi All,

I want to explain a missing objective, i was talking about Social/Learning
Network for ALAC communities, i mean all At Large communities as below.

   - At Large Advisory Committee
   - AFRALO-ICANN At Large Africa
   - At-Large Working Groups
   - ASIAPAC-ICANN At Large Asia Pacific
   - ALAC Read-Only Document Store
   - NARALO-ICANN At Large North America
   - EURALO-ICANN At Large Europe

Hope to hear from you all.

Best regards,
Moataz Shaarawy

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 9:09 AM, Moataz Shaarawy <moataz at ofoksystems.com>wrote:

> Dear ALAC Members,
> During the 37 ICANN meeting when I attend the ALAC & Regional Leadership
> working session, I found two problems facing the ALAC work.
> *First *one about many emails we received from the ALAC and the different
> themes we have to discuss to improve our ALAC and understand each other to
> get ideas and opinions.
> *Second *the last presentation about the important of end user capacity
> building programs in ALAC work, and the important of social networking to
> collaborate and discuss in an interactive and organized area.
> For the two important issues above, I found that we must have a strong
> social learning network for ALAC to inform many of end user about ICANN ALAC
> work, and in the same time make our communication more easy and interactive.
> I discussed with my developers team in Ofok about the possibility of
> developing an interactive Social/Learning network and LMS for ICANN Atlarge
> communities,
> Ofok developers team very interesting to work in this issues by developing
> an interactive social and learning network for the ALAC, and Ofok will be
> the sponsor for the site hosting and all technical tools.
> *Attached Ofok Developers team technical proposal "Learning/Social Network
> for ALAC communities".*
> Wait for your comments and feedback.
> Best regards,
> Moataz Shaarawy
> Ofok Systems CIO / Ofok NGO Secretary General
> Address: 26 Adn st, off shehab st, Giza Egypt
> Office phone: +202-37490940 / Cell phone:  +202- 0105242945 / Fax: +202
> 3748 8493
> Email:Moataz at ofoksystems.com <Email%3AMoataz at ofoksystems.com> /
> Ofokngo at ofoksystems.com
> URL: http:www.ofoksystems.com / OHNet: http://ohnet.ofokngo.org /
> eAcademy; http://eacad.ofoksystems.com
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