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Dave Kissoondoyal dave at isoc-mu.org
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Sending the warmest welcome to Charles and ISOC Liberia

Best regards

Dave Kissoondoyal

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Subject: [ALAC-Announce] Welcome to ICANN At-Large!

March 2nd, 2010

TO: ISOC Liberia

FROM: ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)

SUBJECT: At-Large Structure Certification

Dear Charles,

ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is pleased to inform you that
ISOC Liberia has been certified as an At-Large Structure (ALS).  The ALAC
greatly appreciates your group’s interest in involving individual users in
ICANN and looks forward to working with you and your colleagues.

The purpose of ALS certification is to recognize that your organization
meets the necessary criteria to involve individual Internet users at the
local or issue level in ICANN activities, and that your organization will
support its individual members' informed participation in ICANN efforts that
affect end-users.

The ALAC is eager to promote a productive working relationship between your
organization, other ALS, and the ALAC (and ICANN in general), and your input
on how we can make this a success would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to offer some initial tools to help your organization keep its
members informed (about significant news from ICANN and information on ICANN
policy-development efforts) and engaged in activities of interest:

- Point of Contact for your Organisation: Please send an email to
staff at atlarge.icann.org identifying the names and email addresses of one or
two individuals who will be the point of contact for information and
correspondence regarding ICANN At-Large. If this changes, please let us

- At Large Mailing Lists. There are many At Large email lists, for each
region; you can signup for them and manage your subscriptions at:
http://atlarge-lists.icann.org/mailman/listinfo . The points of contact you
identify will automatically be added to your region’s list just for
accredited ALSes to discuss regional issues and to the mailing list for
Staff announcements (only Staff can post messages to that list); you are
invited to join others as you wish.

- ALS information.  Information about your organization will be shared with
the At-Large community to enable individuals interested in your group's
activities to contact you, and to encourage cooperation with other groups
interested in ICANN activities in your geographic region. Please complete
and email the form at the bottom of this note to staff at atlarge.icann.org.

- ALAC website. The ALAC website (www.atlarge.icann.org) is a good source
for ICANN news and information of interest to individual Internet users.  We
encourage you to provide your members with a link.  The ALAC relies on
volunteers to translate information into multiple languages. Translations of
documents on the website are welcome and should be sent to
staff at atlarge.icann.org.

- At-Large Regional Websites. Regional wiki webpages also have been created
to distribute information (including in local languages) on activities,
events and issues of particular interest to people in each
region. These are maintained by the community and can contact
staff at atlarge.icann.org if you wish to have a user account . They are:

African Region:

Asia/Australia/Pacific Region:                 http://www.apralo.org/

European Region:                                      http://www.euralo.org/

Latin America/Caribbean Region:           http://www.lacralo.org/

North American Region:                         http://www.naralo.org/

We look forward to working with you and your organization's members to
advance individual Internet users' interests within ICANN.  If you have any
questions, or need additional information, please contact us at
staff at atlarge.icann.org.


The At-Large Advisory Committee
staff at atlarge.icann.org



Location (city/country/region; whatever is relevant to your membership):


Member benefits:

Contacts (name/s and email address/es -- title/s optional):


Other (additional informational you would like included):


Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Gisella Gruber-White, Marilyn Vernon,
Kristina Nordström
ICANN At-Large Staff

email: staff[at]atlarge.icann.org
website: www.atlarge.icann.org

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