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Chers tous,


Katim Touray, le Directeur Africain au Board d’ICANN a envoyé l’e-mail
ci-dessous à 2 listes en relation avec ICANN et Internet. Il a
malheureusement oublié de l’envoyer à la liste « afri-discuss ». J’ai pensé
qu’il était utile de vous le transférer. 




Dear all,

Katim Touray, the African Director on the Board of ICANN sent the e-mail
hereafter to 2 lists, but unfortunately forgot to send it to the
afri-discuss one. I thought it is useful to forward it to you




Executive Director 

Mediterranean Federation of Internet Associations

Phone : + 216 98 330 114

Fax     : + 216 70 860 861


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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN Draft Strategic Plan (2010-2013)

Dear all,

Season's greetings!  I hope you're all well, and getting ready for the new

I am writing to inform you (and remind those already in the know) that the
ICANN draft strategic plan (2010 - 2013) has been posted for review and
comments. I suggest we all take time to review it, and provide feedback and
suggestions for improving on it.

I say this because ICANN's work program is going to flow from the strategic
plan.  For this reason, anything not in, or related to what's in the plan
would not be funded, unless under extraordinary circumstances.  I therefore
suggest that we articulate those issues that are important to us
(capacity-building, participation [e.g. travel support], etc.) and suggest
their inclusion in the strategic plan.

Furthermore, it would help to provide reasons why they should be included,
and especially how they can contribute to ICANN's strategic objectives.
Once they are in, they can be included in ICANN's annual budgets, and once
budgeted for, you can expect there will be resources to carry them out.

I would like to say that if you had to comment on only one ICANN item per
year, the draft strategic plan would be it!  Given that we've had a number
of requests and comments about African's getting training and travel support
from ICANN, it would really help if the strategic plan includes these issues
in its priorities.  But this is not going to happen unless there is a loud
call for this, and that the suggestions can be shown to contribute to
ICANN's strategic objectives.

For your information, you can find the draft strategic plan, and
instructions on how to provide your comments online at the ICANN Web site:
http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/#strat-plan-2010  And please note
that the comment window closes on Jan. 21, 1010.

Have a great week, and best wishes!



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