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Mon Nov 9 15:01:39 CST 2009

Dear All, 

With regards to the selection of the 5th member of the Executive Committee
(ExCom), please note that according to a motion on the formalization of the
ALAC Executive Committee, which was adopted during the 25 November 2008 ALAC
Meeting, ³the ALAC shall nominate and elect an ALAC member from the as-yet
un-represented ICANN region to the fifth Executive Committee position² (see
complete text below).
Therefore, based on this ALAC-agreed process and the fact that AFRALO has
not yet confirmed a single regional preference for the 5th member of the
ExCom, the ALAC will be appointing this person from the nominations put
forward as of today, 9 November (i.e., Hawa Diakite and Dave Kissoondoyal)
during the ALAC meeting of 24 November (15:00 ­ 16:30 UTC).

As requested by Cheryl Langdon-Orr, ALAC Chair, both Hawa and Dave are asked
to participate in the ALAC meeting as well as in the ExCom meeting that will
immediately follow the ALAC meeting on 24 November between 16:30-17:30 UTC.
Both participants are requested to join the EN channel for at least a
portion of the ALAC call.  Please note that there is no interpretation on
the ExCom calls. 

Complete text of selection of 5th ExCom member:  
2nd Motion. Presented by A Greenberg, seconded by A Peake
Whereas last year's de facto Executive Committee included Officers
from four or the five ICANN regions;
Whereas this present year's Officers represent four of the five ICANN
Whereas in keeping with ALAC and ICANN principles, it is felt that
there is a benefit in all five regions participating in an Executive
Therefore I move that:
1. The ALAC expand the Executive Committee to five people. The Executive
Committee shall be composed of the four ALAC Officers and one additional
ALAC member.
2. The ALAC redefine the two positions of Vice-Chair and the position of
Rapporteur, and the associated voting processes to ensure that the Chair,
the two Vice-Chairs, and the Rapporteur all represent different ICANN
regions, the detailed Rules of Procedures to be approved prior to the 2009
Officer elections;
3. Following the election of the four officers, the ALAC shall nominate and
elect an ALAC member from the as-yet un-represented ICANN region to the
fifth Executive Committee position.
Against: B Brendler, C Aguirre
Abstention: none
In favour: C Langdon-Orr, V Vivekandan, N Thu Hue, F Seye Sylla, M El
Bashir, S Bachollet, A Greenberg, P Vande Walle, A Peake


Nick Ashton-Hart, Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Gisella Gruber-White
ICANN At-Large Staff
email: staff at atlarge.icann.org

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