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Didier Rukeratabaro Kasole dkasole at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 05:39:21 EST 2009

I think BaudouinSchombe, Arnold Mulenda and Gaby  Bombambo hac a visa in
Nairobi Mexican consulate at this time. Will confirm.

Didier Kasole
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Date : 11/02/2009 10:54:18
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Sujet : Re : ICANN - At-Large Summit Meeting - Visa - NEED INFORMATION
Dear Alex,
After yesterday night call conference, I called now the Mexican
Embassy in Paris (France) : +33142865626/40, they have not yet receive
any authorization from Immigration; but a message from ICANN  that is
not enough for them to deliver a visa.
I would like to know if anyone among us, have got an appointment or
the visa with an embassy in Africa ?.
Best Regards
2009/2/6, Alex Trujillo <alex at kc-a.com>:
> Important Information Still Needed!
> Thank you for responding to my email request and we appreciate your
> quick responses.
> We are still missing a color copy of the page in your passport which has
> your photo and vital information on it.  This information is needed in
> order to assist you with securing your Mexican Visa. Without this
> information we will not be able to provide you with the Sponsor Letter
> or provide help with the Embassy to expedite your request.
> Please submit no later than Feb 6, 22:00 UTC.
> Let me know if you do not have this information, having trouble meeting
> the deadline or have any questions.
> Sincere Regards,
> Alejandra Trujillo
> ICANN At-Large-Summit
> Meeting Coordinator
> P:  +1 (480) 403-4612
> F:  +1 (480) 893-7775
> alex at kc-a.com

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