[AFRI-Discuss] Re : ICANN - At-Large Summit Meeting - Visa - NEED INFORMATION

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Wed Feb 11 05:54:15 EST 2009

Dear All:

It would help very much if participants did not send broadcast emails 
about visas to many people and to mailing lists.

Believe me, we are actively working with each one of you who has said 
there is an issue with visas. Those helping us do this are receiving 
many emails beyond what is necessary to help you - the volume of mail 
being received actually increases the possibility that something 
important will get missed, rather than helping us to help you.

In addition, unless a member of the At-Large staff is specifically 
involved in helping with a visa issue, sending emails about them to us 
is redundant and time consuming. Where we are needed to be involved 
directly our partners - the local hosts, other members of staff, KCA - 
are involving us.

We will send an email update on the situation with all those who have 
visas in progress to the Afr-Discuss list later today, without 
personally-identifying information. In the meantime, please - help us to 
help you. Send any issues that you have with YOUR visa to the people 
whom you have been asked to contact, and not to groups of other people.

I should also let you know that it is confusing for individual 
travellers to send emails about the situation related to other 
travellers, EXCEPT if it relates directly to the situation of the person 
sending the message.

Please, help us to help you. More emails does not equal more help - and 
in fact can have the opposite effect.

Hawa Diakite wrote:
> Dear Alex,
> After yesterday night call conference, I called now the Mexican
> Embassy in Paris (France) : +33142865626/40, they have not yet receive
> any authorization from Immigration; but a message from ICANN  that is
> not enough for them to deliver a visa.
> I would like to know if anyone among us, have got an appointment or
> the visa with an embassy in Africa ?.
> Best Regards
> Hawa
> 2009/2/6, Alex Trujillo <alex at kc-a.com>:
>> Important Information Still Needed!
>> Thank you for responding to my email request and we appreciate your
>> quick responses.
>> We are still missing a color copy of the page in your passport which has
>> your photo and vital information on it.  This information is needed in
>> order to assist you with securing your Mexican Visa. Without this
>> information we will not be able to provide you with the Sponsor Letter
>> or provide help with the Embassy to expedite your request.
>> Please submit no later than Feb 6, 22:00 UTC.
>> Let me know if you do not have this information, having trouble meeting
>> the deadline or have any questions.
>> Sincere Regards,
>> Alejandra Trujillo
>> ICANN At-Large-Summit
>> Meeting Coordinator
>> P:  +1 (480) 403-4612
>> F:  +1 (480) 893-7775
>> alex at kc-a.com





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