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Hawa Diakite hawadiakite at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 17:07:04 EST 2009

Hi all,

for your information about the summit :

At-Large Summit to be held in Mexico City starting 28 February

one person ( Authorized Representative) by ALS will be invite to Mexico,

but before that we need to discuss about the agenda items of our General
Assembly ( AFRALO)  that will take place during the Summit.

*Selection of Working Group on the summit Topics*

*There will be five working groups as a part of the Summit program. The
purpose of the working groups will be to develop a written statement for
ratification during the General Session at the close of the Summit. The
statements will then be sent on to the Board of ICANN as a position of the
entire At-Large community.*

*Each Summit attendee will be expected to participate in one working group
during the Summit, and, to participate in the work of preparing a draft
statement on the subject of their working group in advance of the Summit*.

*You will be automatically assigned to the working group that you have rated
most highly below which is also in the top five across all respondents. The
Summit organisers may assign you to one of your next-highest-preference
choices in order to balance the number of participants in each working group

*You and the others who complete the survey will choose the subjects of the
five working groups. We have prepared a list below of subjects that are
currently being debated in ICANN for you to choose from. If you choose
"Other Issue" you will be able to input an additional subject, which will be
visible to others who complete this survey. They, like you, will be able to
enter new issues, but they will also be able to 'vote' for the issue that
you have provided, just as you are able to 'vote' for issues entered by
those who have completed this survey before you. These subjects will be
considered for other elements of the Summit programme, but in any case for
them to be included they would need to be related to the mandate and mission
of ICANN*.

It is suggested to limit the size of the different working groups to 25 to
ensure that there is enough room for accommodation. The working group rooms
are for a maximum of 25 participants.

2)      *Travel Booking information from Heidi our new regional advise

BCD Travel will be booking your flights to Mexico. They will be contacting
you this week.  BCD has French language capabilities.  Please could you
respond to their e-mail at your earliest convenience? Flights will only be
booked between 9-23 January.

so we need to check sometime our mail  to be more reactive.

Kind regards,

2009/1/13 Alan Levin <alan at futureperfect.co.za>

> Hi,
> Is there any public information about the Summit?
> I believe that there will be some travel support for ALS's but I must have
> missed any applications or announcements as it's already happening in ± 6
> weeks. I am sorry I missed the telecon last week, I see this is an agenda
> item with Hawa's name, please can you advise us what is the situation?
> Thanks,
> Alan
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