[AFRI-Discuss] 19 November Teleconference + Action item

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Thu Nov 20 02:47:22 EST 2008

Dear AfRALO,

yesterday (19th Dec.2008) we had out monthly teleconference which was
delayed due to the participation in ICANN Cairo meeting .

With few participants The meeting discussed the lack of participation in
AfRALO Teleconferences and concluded that the meetings are not attractive,
need earlier planning, an Agenda need to be submitted before the meeting
to the mailing list, so ALS could discuss it, by doing this the meetings
will be more productive .

The meeting suggested that AfRALO to focus more on the summit issue and
start planning for it from now .

Action Item for next meeting : Secretariat with Collaboration of Africa
ALAC members to draft an Agenda for 3rd Dec. meeting which should be sent
by next week to the mailing list for feedback and comments .

Meeting details can be found in :

Hawa, can you please help me with the translation to french .

Mo.El Bashir

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