[AFRI-Discuss] Comments on mid-point consultation report - ALAC Review WG

Hawa Diakite hawadiakite at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 17:05:14 EDT 2008

Thanks Mohamed,
We hope to have more contribution from our community ; for those who will be
in Cairo, I propose together to formulate our vision


2008/10/27 <admin at isoc.sd>

> Dear AfrRALO,
> ICANN board governance committee "ALAC Review WG" has recently released
> it's mid-term consultation report, which contains the WG comments on ALAC
> Reveiew final report done by an outside consultant .
> bellow are my comments after reviewing the report :
> * The report confirms that ALAC-RALO-ALS is structure should remain in
> place, but ALAC needs to make sure that the structure can contribute
> effectively to ICANN policy development, its a challenge for whole
> At-large community and specializing ALSs in developing countries which
> will require more education and planning .
> * Translation and background information on ICANN policy issues are very
> important for outreach activities specially in Africa and other regions as
> well.
> * ALAC & at-large community should start discussions on way on how to
> include individual members in the policy process using ALAC as an
> umbrella, this and internal performance measurement should be ALAC focus .
> * an ALAC agreed working plan with activities and action plans for 2009
> will be important to be done, the one day ALAC workshop could be a good
> vehicle to move on this direction .
> generally i think the report is good for ALAC and has supported may
> recommendations of the ALAC review specially the request to have an ALAC
> board voting members, and being confirming ALAC position is only voice of
> internet users within ICANN .
> Regards,
> Mohamed El Bashir
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