[AFRI-Discuss] Ma candidature issue

Philemon philemon at drtvnet.cg
Thu Oct 16 13:14:54 EDT 2008

Dear friends,

As you cannot ignore it, I self-nominated for the seat of ALAC’s member
on behalf of Africa.

In this way, I stated some motivations which had pushed to my candidature.
As I said it, my candidature is motivated by my will to infuse a certain
new blood for the best of the structure.

Indeed, as I repeated into the letter I sent to some ALs when requesting
their vote, the circulation of elites is a sacred principle which normally
could help putting things forwards.

However, after evaluating the stakes at this stage of process
(votes), I have just decided to withdraw my candidature for many reasons
which cannot be stated here.

Anyway, I really present my apologies to all those who witnessed me their

The Internet community has got many other areas and challenges for which I
will be involving, for our common action to realize an inclusive and safe
Information society.

I remain committed in the At-Large dynamic in all its issues. I will then
keep on contributing as far as I could to help things moving forward.



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