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As requested on the teleconference today, here is the election -related message again.

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Dear all,

We recently sent out an email to the global list with a summary of the
regional provisions governing the ALAC elections and a proposed timeline for
the regional  elections .

This email is to provide you a detailed overview of the situation in Africa
and assist you with the organization of the elections.

There will be one  AFRALO ALAC representative up for election this year as
Hawa Diakité's term ends at the close of the Cairo meeting.

With regards to the election process, the AFRALO Memorandum of Understanding
states that the length of the nomination period shall be "a reasonable
period" (MOU:2) without mentioning a specific eletion date. Additionally, it
states that terms shall be of one year (MOU 2) but to be in accordance with
the ICANN bylaws and to allow for staggered terms, the length of the African
ALAC representatives shall be set to two years.

The AFRALO instruments do not contain specific provisions governing the
election process. It is therefore suggested that the following election
process shall be adopted :

* The regional Secretariat will make a call for election no later than seven
weeks before the start of the annual ICANN meeting (14 September 2008)
* Nominations shall be accepted for two weeks after the Secretariat calls
for nominations (until 28 September 2008)
* The nominees need to accept their nomination no later than seven days
after the nomination period ends  (05 October 2008)
* The election shall begin no later than one week after the end of the
acceptance deadline (12 October 2008) and end not later than two weeks
before the start of the annual ICANN meeting. (19 October 2008). In other
words, votes would actually be cast between 12 to 19 October 2008. The votes
would be cast via an electronic voting system (www.bigpulse.com).

You are of course free to adopt a different process. To facilitate this
election, we ask the AFRALO Secretariat to send us a note specifiying
election procedures the region would like to adopt.


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