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Mohamed EL Bashir admin at isoc.sd
Fri Jul 4 07:01:59 EDT 2008

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Dear All

Until today i have got confirmations on the mailing list from :
1.Mohamed EL Bashir - Sudan ISOC
2.Dider R.Kasole - ISOC DRS
3.HawaDiakite - ISOC Mali
4.Fatimata Seyse Sylla - ALAC Nomcom appointee
6.Rashida Jouhari - Moroccan Association of Civil Society for information Society "MACIS"
7.Khalid Koubaa - Tunisia ISOC
8.Abdel Aziz Hilai - ISOC Morocco
9.Gabriel Bombambo- ACOULL "Association COngolaise des Utilisateurs de
Logiciels Libres"
10. Alan Levin - South Africa ISOC

Did not received any feedback from the bellow African ALSs :
1. Nigerian Internet Users Coalition (NIUC) - Abetokunbo Abiola
2. Anais.AC - Robertine Tankeu Keutchankeu
3. African Youth Foundation - Paulyn Jansen
4. Journalists Union for Science & Technology Advancement in Africa
(JUSTA-AFRICA) - Alyoce Menda
5. ISOC Burundi - Victor Ciza
6. ISOC Benin - Yavoi Atohoun
7, Centre De Promotion Et De Vulgarisation De L'Informatique - Arnold Mulenda
8. CAFEC - Baudouin  Schombe
9. SchoolNET Africa - Amr Hamdi

so we have received confirmation from more than 50% of the current certified African At-Large
"ALS", and from the list above i know some names whom we can try to reach and am sure they will be
willing to be more active .

I guess we can start our discussion in the maling list form now and in our next coming AfRALO
teleconference in Wednesday 6th August
on the suggested bellow items :
* AfRALO members meeting during ICANN Cairo .
* AfRALO/ALS activity and ensuring better communications .
* finding ways to encourage AfRALO/ALS to contribute to ICANN policy discussions

We need AfRALO to be more active  inorder to justfy to ICANN any support needed for AfRALO/African
ALS we need
to show activity so it will be easier for Africa ALAC members to achieve our goals .

Can Staff/AfRALO secretariat try to contact the unactive ALS using their secondary personnel/contact
details to confirm their willingness
to continue being Active in AfRALO.

Have a nice weekend .

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Best Regards,
Mohamed El Bashir
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