[AFRI-Discuss] ALAC Review - Request for Input

At-Large Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Mon Apr 14 05:53:37 EDT 2008

Dear All:

We have been asked to forward you the below from the team performing the
ALAC Review. We hope that you will take this opportunity to provide your
views to the review if you have not already done so.
This email follows our earlier request for feedback to the Independent
Review of the At-Large Advisory Committee, being conducted by Westlake
Consulting Limited. The closing date for submissions is Friday 18th April.
Therefore, if you wish to provide any input or feedback on any of the
individual questions in the Terms of Reference
<http://www.icann.org/reviews/alac/alac-review-final-tor-20jun07.pdf> , or
³to contribute observations or information about any aspect of the role,
structure or operation of the ALAC,² please email alacreview at westlakenz.com
by Friday 18th April.  The main issues the Review Team has to address are:
-        [To determine] whether the ALAC has a continuing purpose in the
ICANN structure; and,
-        If so, whether any change in structure or operations is desirable
to improve its effectiveness.
If you would prefer a telephone or Skype call, rather than responding by
email, please send your contact details to the same email address,
alacreview at westlakenz.com, and a member of the Westlake Team will contact
you shortly.
Among other matters the Terms of Reference note, ³It will be important to
consider Š different perspectives relevant to the ALAC, including the views
of individual Internet users, the ALSs, the RALOs, past and current Members
of the ALAC, and many others within (and perhaps outside) the ICANN
As a result, the Review Team is seeking as wide a range of relevant views as
Confidentiality:  the Westlake Review Team¹s policy on confidentiality is as
follows:  ³Your feedback will be treated in confidence.  It will not be
shared outside the four consultants who comprise the review team (and our
office support staff). We might quote from your feedback in our report to
ICANN, but we will not identify you as the author. So please feel free to be
frank with us.²  

Westlake Consulting NZ

Nick Ashton-Hart, Matthias Langenegger, Frederic Teboul
ICANN At-Large Staff
email: staff at atlarge.icann.org

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