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Nick Ashton-Hart Nick.Ashton-Hart at icann.org
Tue Apr 1 01:46:25 EDT 2008

I would just ask everyone to look at the existing calendar - it is linked to the homepages - as some days already have long meetings attached to them. Existing days with meetings:

2nd Tuesdays: ALAC Monthly meeting (long)
3rd Mondays: NARALO
3rd Tuesdays: APRALO
3rd Wednesdays: LACRALO
4th Wendesdays: ALAC ExComm

On 31/03/2008 21:25, "Fatimata Seye Sylla" <fsylla at gmail.com> wrote:

I completely agree with Mohamed and would like to hear the others about the monthly conference.  Why don't we make it happen every second tuesday of the month ?  Just a suggetion to move on?  I think the Afralo secretariat could draft the agenda.

Thanks Nick for your offer, great facilitation!


On 3/31/08, Nick Ashton-Hart <Nick.Ashton-Hart at icann.org> wrote:
The staff would be happy to facilitate such a call. We can also provide simultaneous translation for french and english to help everyone participate more fully.

Perhaps you all could set a set date every month for this to take place? Then, if an ALS could not attend one month, they could the next month, and so forth.

On 31/03/2008 17:54, "Mohamed EL Bashir" <admin at isoc.sd> wrote:

Dear Fatimata

I support the suggestion of having a yearly AfRALO face-to-face meeting, but we need to show some
regional activity either in the mailing list, or our policy discussions which will support and
justify or
request to have a face to face meeting .

Can we start with a monthly Phone conference call for AfRALO & ALS to update the community about the
recent developments & news from ALAC and we can have some activity on AfRALO .

Mohamed El Bashir

Fatimata Seye Sylla wrote:
> Dear Community members,
> I just joined the ALAC Budget Community and a meeting will be held at
> noon GMT today.
> Would you have any suggestion, I will be happy to report it to the BC.
> I think as the NARALO and the APRALO, AFRALO should also request for a
> yearly face-to-face meeting.
> Best,
> Fatimata
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