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Dear All:

I hope that some of you will feel able to help out with this  
important work :)

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> Subject: [icann-staff] Assistance with translation
> Dear Colleagues:
> As you will remember, an email was sent out requesting for  
> volunteers to check and correct translations of ICANN documents on  
> 11th July. Whilst a couple of volunteers did step forward, we are  
> still well-short of the 5 checkers per language that we require,  
> and it is essential that we have at least five well in advance of  
> the Los Angeles meeting in order to meet the demands for  
> multilingual documents which that meeting will impose on us.
> At the same time, we are trying not to ask members of the Staff to  
> volunteer for this task - as you are all fully occupied doing your  
> non-translation-related job. Ideally we are looking for members of  
> the ICANN community to help us out with this key, urgent need.
> It would therefore be a great help if you could pass along the text  
> of the email below - modified if you think that's needed - to the  
> constituencies that each of you work with.
> Many thanks in advance for your help with this crucial task!
> Paul T
> ------
> Dear Colleagues:
> As you know, ICANN is working to provide more access to its key  
> documents in non-English editions.
> What you may not know is that each translated document must be  
> checked before it is made publicly by someone either on the staff,  
> or in the ICANN community, who is fluent in both English and the  
> language of the translated text, to ensure that the quality of the  
> translation is good, but also that ICANN-specific terminology and  
> phrases are correctly rendered in the translated text.
> The increase in volume of translated documents means that the  
> existing pool of translation checkers is no longer sufficient to  
> the task.
> If we could get an additional five checkers in the languages listed  
> below, by rotating through the list of checkers we could ensure  
> that the 'fatigue factor' was removed for a good while - and also  
> increase the capacity of the system to release translations in a  
> more timely fashion.
> Do you know anyone who would be happy to help? Do you speak any of  
> these languages (alongside English) with sufficient skill to  
> volunteer yourself?
> If the answer to either of those questions is "yes" please send an  
> email to: trans-comm at icann.org, with the following information:
> 1) Name of the Checker
> 2) Languages they can check
> 3) Contact info for the person (an email address and, if possible,  
> a phone number too)
> The languages we need are:
> Spanish
> Brazilian Portuguese
> French
> Arabic
> Russian
> Chinese
> Please note that no assumptions should be made that the above- 
> listed languages represent anything more than languages in which  
> translated texts of some documents will be made available from time  
> to time, and for which we need checkers in the interim period  
> whilst a more holistic enterprise-wide approach to multilingualism  
> is developed in concert with the community.
> There will be some special 'thank yous' to the people who help with  
> this task over time - but the biggest thank you will be from the  
> community themselves. Because of these key people, more people will  
> be able to participate in the work of ICANN throughout the world,  
> and a greater diversity of views and a richer debate will be had by  
> all stakeholders.
> We hope you will pass this along to suitable potential checkers and  
> thanks in advance for your help!
> -- 
> Regards,
> The ICANN Translations Committee
> trans-comm at icann.org

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