[AFRI-Discuss] Updates to www.alac.icann.org and San Juan Meeting Recordings

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Fri Jul 20 14:35:57 EDT 2007

Dear All:

Many of you have requested that we try to have one place where all  
the various web pages and wikis can be reached from in an integrated  

Of course, we are preparing a new website for the community, but in  
the meantime, www.alac.icann.org has been heavily updated with:

* Links to all the Policy working group Wikis
* Links to all the liaison homepages on the ALAC working Wiki
* Links to all the teleconference minutes, agendas, and recordings in  
one place, by year
* Updates to the membership listing of the ALAC with biographical  
information and photos (where provided; some are still coming in)
* Easy access to all mailing lists

I hope that you find this all useful and that it makes everything  
easier to find.


While the transcripts of meetings are still being completed, you will  
find all the sessions for which recordings are available have links  
to those recordings for you now.

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