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Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Mon Jul 9 11:51:38 EDT 2007

Any and all blogs from the community where the blogger is happy to  
have his blog referenced will be connected (of course the RALOS and  
ALAC could object to a blog being included if they wished to). The  
idea is that the dynamic display of all viewpoints would make the  
whole site more meaningful and thought-provoking.

As to the ease of posting to icannalac.org easy - I didn't find it  
anything like as easy as posting to a Wiki, and the layers of  
approval also seemed to me counterintuitive and difficult. I believe  
some members of the community once commented in a similar vein.

Since the community and members of the community do post to the  
wikis, and not to icannalac.org - which is referenced in each new ALS  
welcome letter as well as listed on all the wikis under links, and on  
the alac.icann.org site - I can only imagine that I wasn't the only  
one who found it difficult.

see below for more.

On 6 Jul 2007, at 17:55, Jean Armour Polly wrote:

> Hi--who will choose the RSS /blogs to be carried on the site? For  
> example, icannalac reflects a variety of views, with links to   
> Danny Younger's and Karl Auerbach's blogs among others. If the ALAC  
> committee selects the blogs to be carried can ICANN in ANY WAY  
> refuse to carry the RSS content?
>> The design of the new site was deliberately based around the  
>> concept that the site for a constituency should reflect that  
>> constituency's views, and allow dynamic content development in a  
>> way that the current architecture does not. In fact, the process  
>> of posting content to the new site will in many ways be simpler  
>> than what is
>> currently the case for icannalac.org.
> Gosh-- posting to icannalac is ridiculously simple--easier than  
> posting to a wiki.
> But back to the new site -- in the old days of alac.icann.org I  
> recall your boss Denise told us that "not even a comma" could be  
> changed on the official ALAC site without going through ICANN  
> legal. So, I gather that this policy has changed?
There will be more on this subject in due course.

> Nick, how do you see the workflow-- when if ever would ICANN legal  
> get involved with the new site?

See above. I'm sorry I cannot say more at the present.

> If they have NO involvement whatsoever with content, that would be  
> reassuring to the ALAC community. Perhaps you could get a written  
> statement from Jeffries (ICANN Counsel) to that effect and we'd be  
> done here. Otherwise it is troubling to think that ICANN legal  
> could always shut the site down and leave the community without a  
> home and without access to its documents and discussions. Seems  
> like the confusion could easily be cleared up with a statement from  
> Jeffries.

There is not now, nor has there ever been, the possibility that the  
GC would shut down an entire community website for any reason. If  
there were a legal objection to a given statement or document it  
would be simply done because the GC believed that it would lead to  
lawsuits against ICANN. There is no censoring of ideas in this  
policy, though I think it is widely known that there is less than  
complete admiration for the fact that such complete review of every  
posting is currently necessary.

> Thanks
> JP

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