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Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Fri Jul 6 12:31:46 EDT 2007

I believe you all will find that the new website, composed as it will  
be of many dynamic elements, for example:

* Links to external blogs - so the views of anyone and everyone who  
has a blog will be immediately reflected in the site
* Real-time two-way integration between the forums on the site and  
the At-Large mailing lists

Since the site will use keywords to show blog, announcement, and  
forum/mailing list postings on pages which are relevant to the  
content. So, for example, if you are on a meeting page, and there  
have been forum or blog postings relevant to that meeting, they'll  
appear on the page dynamically.

Notices of meetings, meeting agendas, documents related to meetings,  
etc will be immediately available on the site just as they now are on  
the wikis - so no delays in postings like we have seen in the past.

The design of the new site was deliberately based around the concept  
that the site for a constituency should reflect that constituency's  
views, and allow dynamic content development in a way that the  
current architecture does not. In fact, the process of posting  
content to the new site will in many ways be simpler than what is  
currently the case for icannalac.org.

On 6 Jul 2007, at 14:54, Annette Muehlberg wrote:

> Complementary sounds good. But we have to keep our working  
> structures efficient and this is why we should discuss how to best  
> run our website and make sure we have not to do similar work on  
> different spots.
> And we have to have the possibility to post what we think needs to  
> be posted/published right away. The only possibility to do so is on  
> an independent website.
> We already discussed, that the ICANN website should contain all the  
> standard information on ALAC/RALO members, ALS accreditation  
> procedure etc.
> Now, that all RALOs are in place we should work on a very efficient  
> working structure including the need of regional focused work as  
> well as the united work on certain issues on a global level.
> Best
> Annette

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