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Danny Younger dannyyounger at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 12:12:22 EDT 2007

I share the concerns put forth by both Susan Crawford
and Wendy Seltzer.  Susan described the .xxx
resolution as both weak and unprincipled -- the same
can be said about those ICANN community members that
pretend to be the At-Large.

(1)  During the course of the last year the ALAC
received a large volume of messages pertaining to
issues associated with RegisterFly.  What exactly did
the ALAC's stalwart defenders of the individual
interest do in response to these messages -- in a
word:  nothing.  The ALAC failed to serve the needs of
the registrant community.

(2)  During the course of the last several years there
have been repeated calls for the implementation of a
registrant data escrow program.  Did the ALAC
aggressively pursue acting on the registrant's behalf
to ensure the sanctity of the domain name systems'
Hall of Records?  No.  The ALAC did nothing.

(3)  Since the implementation of the transfers policy
there have been numerous registrant complaints
pointing to failures of process that crippled a
registrant's ability to transfer a domain in a timely
fashion. Has the ALAC done anything to address this
issue?  No.

(4)  The phenomenon of domain name tasting commenced
well over two years ago and has resulted in
typosquatting on a massive scale.  How long did it
take the ALAC to wake up to that fact?  

(5)  Registrants continue to pay onerous Redemption
Grace Period fees owing to ICANN's failure to adopt
the Bucharest recommendations to convene a Technical
Steering Group that would devise a specification
allowing registrants to choose a competitive redeeming
registrar.  Has the ALAC spoken out about these
extortionate fees?  No, not a word.

(6)  The At-Large Study Committee found a consensus
for the formation of an At-Large Supporting
Organization that would seat At-Large representatives
on the ICANN Board.  What actions did ALAC members
take to support that initiative?  None.

As a body that purportedly represents the interests of
the At-Large community the ALAC is pathetic, weak,
lacking in principles, and lacking a backbone.

Did the ALAC take a formal position on .xxx?
Did the ALAC provide input to the President's Strategy
Has the ALAC provided any formal comments on the Final
Task Force Report On Whois Services?
Has the ALAC provided any guidance with respect to the
issues under consideration by the Contractual
Conditions PDP Task Force?
Has the ALAC offered any guidance pertaining to
ICANN's Operational Plan?
Has the ALAC formally commented on ICANN
accountability and transparency issues or on the ICANN
Management Operating Principles?
Has the ALAC addressed concerns relating to registry
use of traffic data?

Frankly, one has to wonder what in practical terms the
ALAC has accomplished other than enjoying their travel

Is it any wonder that North Americans have no desire
to participate in this sham?  It's hard enough getting
work done and bringing issues to the ICANN Board and
Staff; we don't need to be impeded by a spineless
non-productive Advisory Committee without the guts to
push for representation on the ICANN Board.

If the At-Large still had representatives on the
Board, do you think that we would have gone so many
years without the escrow protection that we needed? 
History has demonstrated that our issues remain on the
back burner until an absolute calamity brings them to
the forefront.  This is what happens when Board level
representation is denied to the At-Large.  You
understand this, and yet you lack the courage to stand
up for your rights.

You members of the ALAC should be very ashamed that
you have traded your principles for travel perks, and
that after four and a half years you have done so very
little for those you claim to represent.  But go
ahead, build your RALOs, enjoy your Photo
Opportunities... I am sure that they will look great
on your personal resumes.

In the meantime, the rest of us will continue to route
around your ineptitude and lack of resolve.

The fish are biting. 
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