[AFRI-Discuss] Signing Ceremony Order of Events

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Wed Mar 28 14:23:14 EDT 2007

Argh. Of course - thanks VERY much for reminding me of this. I didn't
ignore it but did completely forget it!

I do remember your proposal, Alice's shock, and willingness to serve
and no objections to proceeding in this way. Please accept my humblest
apologies everyone. And many thanks Pierre for reminding me!

I will amend the text and exchange Didier for Alice in the process.

Note that my putting in Jacqueline was simply because we have three
RALOs to get through, instead of one like in Sao Paulo, so it seemed
sensible to try to help tie the three parts of the process with one
person who was on ALAC but not part of one of the three regions, for
equality of treatment, and the Chair seemed the natural choice -
especially since she comes from the region where the first RALO was
created. I hope this makes sense and is also generally acceptable.

On 28/03/07, Pierre Dandjinou <dandjinou.pierre at undp.org> wrote:
> Nick,
> Thanks for this. I note that you chose to ignore my initial suggestion that
> current standing African members of the ALAC be given a chance to come
> forward during this ceremony. After all, whatever the results, they have
> been assuming the position on behalf of the community and do not forget some
> of the ALS formation was fuelled by the proposal put up by these members.
> While I have no problem with Jacqueline acting as the third key official at
> the meeting, I note this was not the case in sau Paulo and that the MC of
> the ceremony was a former latin American members of the ALAC..
> As stated during the Africa meeting, I would not be able to attend the
> ceremony since I have to catch my flight around 10. am. But I indicated that
> alice munuya could well represent other members and be given a slot to
> welcome our new members..it is an issue of recognition of the time and
> efforts these people dedicated to ALAC and the ALS formation from this
> continent.
> Regards
> Pierre
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> Dear African Colleagues:
> Attached you will find the current draft Order of Events for the
> ceremony tomorrow.
> Please note that this will be amended to take into account any late
> signatory information I receive later today.


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