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pleas find attached my SOI




for African ALAC election


SECTION A. Identifying and Contact Information


(A.1) Your name: YAOVI ATOHOUN (in capital letters).


(A.2) Male/Female?  Male


(A.3) How did you hear about the AFRALO? From the Internet and also from other Atlarge Interim Members


(A.4) Your e-mail address. yaovito at yahoo.fr


(A.5) Your telephone number(s). +229 90906279

                                Cotonou - Benin



(A.6) Your country of citizenship.  Togo


Other citizenship: Benin


(A.7) Your country of residence. Benin

SECTION B. Education and Professional Background



(B.1) Provide details of your current job, title, employer or  



I am an independent IT consultant since the year 2004


(B.2) Describe your educational background and past professional  



I have a background of Electrical Engineer. More than 15 years professional experience in Computer Networking, User training,

Internet project management.

I have coordinated the USAID/Leland Initiative from 1997 to 2004 in Benin. During the same period, I was in charge of other regional Internet projects


(B.3) Describe any current and past volunteer positions, roles and  

accomplishments. We are particularly interested in board or similar  

directorship and committee experience.


I have participated in many International meetings and conferences like INET 98, 2000, 2001. The WSIS in Geneva.

This year will be the third time that I am volunteering myself as the AfriNIC election committee member.


(B.4) If you have a personal web page, you may wish to provide a link  

to it here:


SECTION C. Internet Involvement and Interest in ICANN


This section asks questions that will tell us specifically about your  

candidacy, how your experience makes you suitable for the position(s)  

you would like to be considered for, the qualities you will bring to  

ICANN and how you will help ICANN over the coming years. Although  

detailed knowledge and involvement in ICANN is not a prerequisite,  

the following questions will help put your experience with ICANN and  

the Internet into perspective.


(C.1) Describe how you meet the criteria for the ALAC.


I was involved in the Internet activities in Benin since 1996 and with some colleagues we applied for the accreditation of ISOC-BENIN in 1999.

ISOC-BENIN applied to be an Atlarge Structure and we are in the process to be certified.


(C.2) Describe current and past involvement in, contributions to, and  

leadership roles in activities and organizations involved in the  

development and operation of the Internet, its naming and addressing  

infrastructure and/or its security and stability.


I have been involved in ISOC activities at the International level since many years my participating in the Developing countries Networking Symposium activities. I was a speaker during the meeting in Sweden in 2001. I have also been volunteering myself for AfriNIC activities.


(C.3) Provide a statement about what you would contribute in your  

desired leadership position(s) to the ALAC.


I would like to make the end user more concerned about the development of the Internet by sharing with them all the information available. In ISOC-Benin, I will try to organize internal debate on some important issues to have the voice of the members.


(C.4) Is there any additional information you would like to submit  

that would be helpful to the AFRALO in making its decision? If so,  

please summarize it here:

SECTION D. References


This section asks for additional information about your candidacy,  

the names of people who you would like to provide references, and  

information indicating you agree to due diligence and any other  

checks ICANN may carry out.


(D.1) Conflicts of interest with ICANN. Please indicate clearly if  

you have any areas of actual potential conflicts with ICANN. Actual  

and potential conflicts of interest will not necessarily be  



No conflict of interest


(D.2) All positions are voluntary and require a significant  

commitment of time and energy. Please read carefully the description  

of the time commitment required in the "Leadership Positions" document.


Is your schedule of activities compatible with a significant  

allocation of time to contribute to the positions that you are  

looking for?


Please indicate Yes or No:


[ x] YES [ ] NO


(D.3) Please provide the names of no less than 3 and no more than 4  

people who can provide a reference for your candidacy. AFRALO will  

send a copy of your SOI to each of the people you name as a reference.


Please provide the person's name, e-mail address, telephone number,  

professional position, and a brief description of your relationship  

with them. Please ask the person before including their name as a  

reference and inform them that you have submitted this SOI. Please  

refer to Note 10



Name: Dandjinou Pierre

Email:dandjinou.pierre at undp.org


Relationship: President ISOC-Benin



Name: Adiel Akplogan

Email:adiel at afrinic.net





Name: Alex Corenthin

Email: corenthin at ucad.sn




SECTION E. Consent and Authorisation


(E.1) Under the AFRALO's procedures, your candidacy will be treated  

as confidential unless you give the AFRALO your permission to  

disclose it or unless the AFRALO is consulting your references and  

conducting third-party reference checks from selected sources on a  

confidential basis. Third party checks may also be required as part  

of a due diligence process necessary before we can accept candidates  

for leadership positions in ICANN.


Once selections are made, the AFRALO will make the identities of only  

the Selected Nominees public. Although the AFRALO will take  

reasonable steps to ensure that its confidentiality procedures are  

followed, Candidates and Selected Nominees shall have no claims  

against ICANN, the AFRALO, or affiliated persons in the event  

information is disclosed despite our adherence to these procedures.


You also authorize the AFRALO to consult with your references, to  

investigate other information publicly available about you, and to  

conduct additional third-party reference checks. You will not be  

entitled to review or access any of the information received,  

obtained, generated, or considered by the AFRALO regarding any  

Candidate or Selected Nominee, or any of the AFRALO's discussions or  

deliberations regarding any Candidate or Selected Nominees.  

Candidates and Selected Nominees have no right to challenge or seek  

review of the AFRALO's selections.


Please indicate that you understand this statement (E.1) and agree to  

become a candidate under the conditions described above. Please  

indicate Yes or No:


[x ] YES, I understand this statement and agree to these conditions


[ ] NO, I do not agree to these conditions


(E.2) Interim vacancies in 2008


If you are NOT selected this year for any of the preferences  

indicated in (A.2) above, would you permit the secretary of this  

year's AFRALO to retain your name (based on the same preferences) and  

transfer your SOI to the secretary of the 2008 AFRALO for possible  

consideration in the event that a mid-year vacancy occurs? Please  

indicate Yes or No:


[x ] YES [ ] NO


This option may be exercised only in the event that a mid-term  

vacancy occurs and does not mean you will be included in the pool of  

candidates for regular term positions next year. To be considered by  

the 2008 AFRALO for a regular vacancy you would need to apply again.


The AFRALO values your interest in being a candidate for the  

positions it is charged to fill. We expect and rely upon your  

integrity in presenting your qualifications and experience. We  

appreciate your significant effort in completing this SOI.




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