[AFRI-Discuss] Travel Expenses Reimbursement / Changes to Flights

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Sun Mar 25 13:43:25 EDT 2007

Dear European and African colleagues:

There have been a few questions about reimbursement and expenses. Be advised
that we will provide full details of how to reclaim reimburseable expenses
as soon as the Lisbon meeting is concluded. The forms used to request
reimbursement have been updated and some additional changes to make them
easier to use for At-Large community members have just been made to them, so
don't use old forms if you have them... New forms will be posted on the
regional wikis and notice emailed as soon as they are posted.


ICANN is paying your hotel charges for the nights of the 23rd to the 28th
inclusive, unless other arrangements have been made (which is the case for a
number of you where it saved a great deal on flights for you to travel a day
or two later).

ICANN will also directly pay for meals charged to your room - outside of the
nights when ICANN is providing dinner as a part of the conference.

Any mini-bar, telephone, or other incidental expenses are payable by you
unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing (by email for example).
These are also not reimburseable after the meeting is over.


If you made arrangements to leave before the 29th at noon and wish to be
present for the signing ceremony please send an email to
travel-staff at atlarge-lists.icann.org and nadine.d at travelstoreusa.com and
request a later flight. We cannot guarantee that ICANN will be able to
afford to pay for these extensions but we will carefully consider these
requests in an expeditious fashion.

Finally, I have attached the invitation provided to both European and
African regions originally, which outlines the points above as well as

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