[AFRI-Discuss] Call for interest to handle the AfRALO Secretariat role

Alan Levin alan at isoc.org.za
Sun Mar 25 09:50:37 EDT 2007

Dear Members,

This is a call for expressions of interest to handle the AfRALO  
secretariat role.

According to our 'bylaws' the Secretary has to perform three tasks :
* Maintain a list of authorized contact persons for each of the At  
Large Structures, and;
* Manage the process of selecting all of the African representatives  
to the At Large Advisory Committee, and;
* To the extent possible providing for the certification of new ALS  
and adding them as Members.

At the first meeting of the AFRALO yesterday it was agreed that the  
expectations of the RALO for the secretariat are:
     * Make a timely call for Nominations for all RALO officers (3  
month at least prior to election)
     * Encourage ALSs to provide nominees for the election
     * Manage the election process (either face to face or  
     * Optional: Write a 6 monthly consolidated report of feedback  
from ALAC members (solicit input from ALAC members and ensure co- 
operation between all stakeholders including the ALSs)

We welcome any expression of interest so please write to us with your  
motivation to afri-als at atlarge-lists.icann.org



Alan Levin - Chairman
Internet Society of South Africa

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