[AFRI-Discuss] Final call for nominations for AFRALO representatives to the ALAC

Alan Levin alan at isoc.org.za
Sun Mar 25 07:46:47 EDT 2007

Hi Pierre,

Apology for top-posting..

We have some internal bylaws, these were accepted by all the ALS  
members at the time and we refered to them at our meeting yesterday.  
They are on the website.

Please do add this to the agenda, time allowing, we should discuss  
them on Tuesday.



On 25 Mar 2007, at 1:38 PM, dandjinou.pierre at undp.org wrote:

> Dear All,
> While we are in the process of nominating our reps to the ALAC, it  
> occurs to me that we have not yet developed our internal bylaws..
> In other words, we are signing an MoU with ICANN without us having  
> a formal bylaws governing the interactions of our current and  
> future At Large structures..
> I suggest we inscribe this item on the agenda for the second  
> meeting of 27th march.
> Btw, Nick, when are we having the official signing with ICANN?
> Pierre
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> Subject: [AFRI-Discuss] Final call for nominations for AFRALO  
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> > Dear all,
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