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Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
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Dear Community:

Since the Lisbon ICANN Meeting is almost upon us, I thought I would  
recap events and provide links for all of you.

Firstly, everything about the AFRALO meetings - agendas, preparatory  
documents, etc - can be found from the www.afralo.org site. The quick  
link is to https://st.icann.org/afralo/index.cgi?icann_lisbon_meetings.

Note that all AFRALO meetings - indeed all At-Large meetings - allow  
for remote participation. The details are on the page for each  
meeting at the bottom. If you wish to participate, but there is not a  
freephone number for your country, we can arrange for the service to  
call you - send an email to staff at alac.icann.org and tell us which  
date and time you would like to be called, and what numbers (one  
primary, one backup) to use.

The meeting will also nominate those willing to serve for the two  
elected ALAC seats. In order to allow all African ALSes to  
participate in the vote, I anticipate that the meeting will decide to  
use our online election tool to hold the election over a few days  

Note that there will be a signing ceremony in front of the entire  
ICANN meeting on Thursday, at the public forum, where all ALSes  
present will physically sign the MoU alongside Paul Twomey the  
President and CEO of ICANN and in front of the entire ICANN Board and  
community present. The European groups will likely be signing their  
MoU at the same time, and the Asia-Pacific ALS community will  
announce that their MoU is complete.

Those ALSes who are not present will be able to digitally sign, or  
adhere, to the MoU via a procedure as determined in the MoU text itself.

All ALSes will be able to vote for ALAC and other regional leadership  
positions, whether they are in Lisbon or not.

These two points are important: the process is deliberately designed  
to include every ALS and respect all points of view and the remote  
participation possibilities help to ensure that this is the case.

Note that there is a nominations page for you to nominate (either  
self nominate or nominate others) for the two ALAC seats: it is at:  
https://st.icann.org/afralo/index.cgi?nominations_2007.  Further  
information is available at https://st.icann.org/afralo/index.cgi? 


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