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José Ovidio Salgueiro A. jsalgueiro at cantv.net
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Great news, congratulations!!!!

José Ovidio Salgueiro A.
jsalgueiro at cantv.net

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  I thought the wider At-Large world would be keen to hear the good news from Asia today. Congratulations to the AP At-Large Community :) It was great to meet you all and I look forward to helping to facilitate your making a difference for a long time to come :) 

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  Dear all, 

  I would like to take this opportunity to report that AP RALO formation
  meeting here in Bali during APRICOt took place today, and I am pleased
  to share that we have completed most of the tasks for the formation, 
  we reached the consensus on Draft MoU with ICANN, and also
  on Operating Principles.

  12 ALS representative out of 13 gathered here and we put our initiating
  signatures to the documents, to be submitted to the ICANN Board. 

  We could not complete the selection of new ALAC members and
  officers, but agreed with the selection schedule, including the nomination
  starting shortly, for a week, etc.  The official announcment should come 
  any time soon together with the minutes of our meeting.

  As one of "interim" members of ALAC together with Ms. Hong Xue 
  from AP region, I personally feel greatful to all the support and
  active involvement of all ALS members here in our region, as well 
  as staff support, and also all the friendly advices and suport from
  larger ALAC friends in other regions and othe ICANN community
  memebrs. Nom-com designated Siavash did the great job
  of charing the session of the entire day. Special thanks to Siavash! 

  Well, the real tasks will be still there, and not easy, but I hope
  we will eventually make rational and meaningful steps to bring
  the voices of individual users in this region to the ICANN policy


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