[AFRI-Discuss] Preparing for Lisbon: Resolutions from At-Large to the larger community?

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
Thu Mar 1 03:45:38 EST 2007

Dear All:

May I suggest to you that the At-Large community has a unique  
opportunity at the upcoming Lisbon meeting to  agree a few  
resolutions on key issues which are in the public and icann policy  
'Eye' at the moment. With at least two RALO MoUs being concluded, and  
likely the European one too, the conference will have a big spotlight  
on the community.

I submit for you all to consider that this spotlight could be used by  
the community to focus attention on the issues which you care about.

There could for example be resolutions on:

1) Domain Tasting - the negative consequences to end-users which many  
in the community have highlighted and a call for the GNSO and ICANN  
Board to begin a PDP as an urgent matter;

2) Registry and Registrar performance - the issue of Registerfly has  
brought to the fore issues of enforcement and the role of ICANN in  
enforcing these contracts. A resolution could highlight these and  
call for action; a number of proposed actions have been mooted on  
community lists.  There's also the issue of switching registrars and  
the difficulty that poses for people which has been brought up in the  
African discussion lists

By resolution, I mean something brief - one page per issue - in the  
style of a UN resolution with adjectives leading each paragraph of a  
preamble section, and then a section with specific recommendations  
for action (not in great detail necessarily but the high-level  
principles or actions which should be made).

At the ALAC monthly teleconference on 6th March, could the committee  
perhaps propose to discuss this?

If one member of the committee could draft a one-page document on the  
above structure to be completed within a week, then there would be  
time to send it out to all the regions for their review and comment,  
and then at Lisbon the two regions present and the ALAC could agree a  
final text and release it to the rest of ICANN.

If nobody on the ALAC is able to do the drafting, I'm happy to do a  
draft as a "backup drafter" and then forward it to be reviewed.

I hope this will not be thought presumptuous. I don't wish to 'take  
over' the policy work of the community, but I do see a real  
opportunity for the community to make a big splash of substance at  
the next meeting and wouldn't like to see that opportunity lost or  
wasted. At the same time I do understand that people are all  
volunteers and I'm happy to help in any way I can.

There are those - even in the community - who do not believe the At- 
Large community has the ability to influence ICANN's work. I do not  
believe they're right, but it seems to me one of the best ways to  
find out is to take a strong stand and suggest proactive steps to  
improve things.


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