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Wolfgang Kleinwächter wolfgang.kleinwaechter at medienkomm.uni-halle.de
Fri Feb 16 08:00:33 EST 2007

I support Domain Name Tasting as an issue. Consumer interests are also affected by the the eveolvement of the secondary market, which is, partly, linked to DNT. So the issue is big enough and close to ALAC mission. 


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Dear all: 

Since ALAC, African and European ALSes are all meeting in Lisbon, I'm wondering if we can do some substantive work with respect to the domain name tasting issue. 

Of course, if one region wants to do more with this than another, that's fine - but it occurs to me we will have lots of experts and staff people around in Lisbon; lets make the most of them.

I'd like to ask, in particular, the ICANN Staff Registry Liaison to come and talk, at least with the ALAC but if it is in an open meeting perhaps also with other groups - or separately also with regions - and that conversation could be about registry issues in general with a focus on tasting.

Without objection, I'll put a plac holder into the draft agenda of each group for a discussion on registry issues. We can always then remove it of course.


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