[AFRI-Discuss] Newest Accredited At-Large Structures

Nick Ashton-Hart nashton at spamcop.net
Thu Feb 15 07:20:58 EST 2007

Good afternoon all!

Since Annette Muehlberg, Chair of the At-Large Advisory Committee is  
ill, I have been asked to pass along the following:

The Interim ALAC conducted a vote on pending ALS applications during  
the period of  16th January 2007 at 12 noon and through 6th February  
2007 at 12 noon ((GMT)).

The respective ALSes are being informed about the result by ICANN staff.

According to the by-laws, a minimum of 9 members must vote, and the  
results are based on a 2/3 majority of the members voting.  In this  
election, 14 members voted. Majority required:  9 votes (see below).

We hope you will join us in welcoming them to their respective regions.

Applicant		Yes	No	Abstain
(76) Barbados Information and Communications Technology Professionals  
Association		12	0	1
(78) ISOC France		13	0	
(77) ISOC Puerto Rico		12	0	1
(75) ISOC Tunisia		13	0	
(80) USUARIA		12	0	1
Annette	Yes to all			
Carlos	Yes to all			
Hong	Yes to all			
Siavash	Yes to 3	Abstain to 2	Abstain - BIIPA, ISOC Puerto Rico
Vittorio	Yes to all			
Pierre	Yes to 4	Abstain to 1	Abstain - USUARIA
Wendy	Yes to all			
John	Yes to all			
Jacqueline	Yes to all			
Alice	Yes to all			
Alan	Yes to all on Telcon 6th Feb	
Izumi	Yes to all on Telcon 6th Feb	
José	Yes to all			


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