[NA-Discuss] Blatant self-promotion - my new podcast

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Fri Oct 11 21:03:54 UTC 2019

Hi all.

Now in its fourth episode, I've started a podcast: a conversation  with a
longtime friend (and author of "Linux for Dummies") Marcel Gagne.


It's intended to be a light but (I'm told) informative dialogue roughly
about open source topics that meanders a lot.

Four episodes done.
Very early days. rough production, improving each episode.
Haven't talked about ICANN -- yet ;-). But you can count it'll be coming.

"Tic Tek Toe"  - Available on Spotify, Apple, RSS, or wherever else quality
podcasts are found.

Comments and topic ideas are very welcomed.

Evan Leibovitch, Toronto Canada
@evanleibovitch or @el56
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