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Eduardo Diaz eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 18:16:58 UTC 2019

Anyone interested in volunteering for this WG?

Please let me know by the end of the day Sunday, December 1, 2019.



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Dear ALAC/RALO Leaders,

Under the request of Maureen Hilyard, Chair of the ALAC and the ALAC
Appointee Selection Committee
 (AASC), we are issuing a call for members of the 2020 AASC.

The AASC reviews applications for various positions related to the ALAC and
makes recommendations to the ALAC on which candidates to appoint or endorse.

The AASC is Chaired by the ALAC Chair and is composed of:

•  the ALAC Leadership Team (Maureen Hilyard, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Joanna
Kulesza, Humberto Carrasco, and Jonathan Zuck) and one other ALAC Member
from the Chair's region;

•  one member representing each RALO.

The AASC selects people to occupy critical positions and AASC members must
be both able and willing to take the time to review applications in detail
and to participate in the decisions of the Committee.

For your information, the RALO representatives on the 2019 AASC are:

·         AFRALO – Fatimata Seye Sylla

·         APRALO - Lianna Galstyan

·         EURALO - Nenad Marinkovic

·         LACRALO – Sergio Salinas Porto

·         NARALO – Glenn McKnight

There are no term limit requirements.

*Please could you inform Maureen and At-Large staff by Friday, 6 December
at 23:59 UTC who the RALO Member will be from your region.*

Kind regards,

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