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Please let me know if we have one hour this week to arrange the  ZOOM
Discussion on the New  Digital Charter

I am suggesting we go through each  of the items and provide our  thoughts
 and it will be one of the  NARALO INSIGHTS   videos

Please let me know what is the best time and day for this week

*1. Universal Access:*

All Canadians will have equal opportunity to participate in the digital
world and the necessary tools to do so, including access, connectivity,
literacy and skills

*2. Safety and Security:*

Canadians will be able to rely on the integrity, authenticity and security
of the services they use and should feel safe online.
*3. Control and Consent:*

Canadians will have control over what data they are sharing, who is using
their personal data and for what purposes, and know that their privacy is
*4. Transparency, Portability and Interoperability:*

Canadians will have clear and manageable access to their personal data and
should be free to share or transfer it without undue burden.
*5. Open and Modern Digital Government:*

Canadians will be able to access modern digital services from the
Government of Canada, which are secure and simple to use.
*6. A Level Playing Field:*

The Government of Canada will ensure fair competition in the online
marketplace to facilitate the growth of Canadian businesses and affirm
Canada's leadership on digital and data innovation, while protecting
Canadian consumers from market abuses.
*7. Data and Digital for Good:*

The Government of Canada will ensure the ethical use of data to create
value, promote openness and improve the lives of people—at home and around
the world.
*8. Strong Democracy:*

The Government of Canada will defend freedom of expression and protect
against online threats and disinformation designed to undermine the
integrity of elections and democratic institutions.
*9. Free from Hate and Violent Extremism:*

Canadians can expect that digital platforms will not foster or disseminate
hate, violent extremism or criminal content.
*10. Strong Enforcement and Real Accountability:*

There will be clear, meaningful penalties for violations of the laws and
regulations that support these principles.

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