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HI Glenn

Apologies for not making the call.  The call coincided with the National Association of Broadcasters conference where I was a Crystal Awards judge for radio and television.


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> On Apr 8, 2019, at 7:29 AM, Glenn McKnight <mcknight.glenn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks
> We had a valuable discussion on the loose ends on the composition of the selection committee for CROP trips. 
> I drafted a form for feedback to be made effective after July 1st and the completion of the NARALO Strategic Plans for FY 20.   We will have three trips again in FY 20 and this year we had   ARIN, Digital Inclusion and NTC 19.  This year's committee only evaluated one trip since the other two only had one expression of interest for CROP. 
> The process
> Creation of the  CROP Selection Committee ( Summer 2019)
> Completion of the  NARALO CROP Strategic Plan
> Call for interest in attending the  three  CROP trips( NO REGISTRATION FEES COVERED) 
> Creation of a Google Form for trip 12 weeks in advance of trip
> Cut of date for interest 10 weeks in advance
> Selection by committee or default ( single Application) of the traveller
> Completion of the CROP trip by traveller
> Sign off by Chris Modini
> Completion of the trip
> Traveller completes Assessment Form
> Assessment form signed off by the CROP RT and Chris Modini 
> Report at monthly meeting and story for newsletter
> I hope this is clear and if you have any questions please contact me
> Thanks
> Here is a very simple form for members  interested in being on next year's selection committee 
> https://forms.gle/8yujfKMi3uHpjc6D8 <https://forms.gle/8yujfKMi3uHpjc6D8>
> If interested in being on this committee please complete the form. 
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