[NA-Discuss] ISOC-NY event Oct 8 - How to Make Trustworthy IoT - an OTA Privacy & Security Workshop

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Mon Sep 24 21:58:48 UTC 2018

 *** There will be a livestream of this - just not announced as yet ***

*How to Make Trustworthy IoT - IoT Nation & ISOC-NY present an OTA Privacy
& Security Workshop*

Join us Oct 8 for a workshop on IoT Privacy & Security with the Online
Trust Alliance

https://trustworthyiot.eventbrite.com -



*IoT Nation and the Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) present
'How to Make Trustworthy IoT' - an IoT Privacy & Security Workshop with the
Online Trust Alliance (OTA) *

*Where: The Hub @ Grand Central Tech, 330 Madison Ave, NYC*
*When: Monday October 8, 2pm - 3:30pm*

While the vast number of Internet of Things (IoT) applications promise to
impact almost every industry vertical, the growth of IoT is strongly linked
to properly addressing the issues of security and privacy. Threats are not
just breaches, embarrassing accidents, bad data handling practices, but
also the risk of resulting ham-fisted regulation. A larger issue is public
confidence in the industry as a whole, in a word 'Trust'.

The Internet Society, founded in 1992 by the inventors of TCP/IP, has made
its mission the fostering of independent collaborative processes to resolve
the technical, social, and policy Internet development issues via such
multistakeholder fora as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). In
2017 it merged with the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) to launch an initiative
to enhance online trust, user empowerment, and innovation. The OTA has a
broad membership including leading corporations, academic institutions, and
other stakeholders. Together they have developed a set of key resources for
IoT developers, including the *IoT Trust Framework*
an *Enterprise IoT Security checklist*
a *Smart Home Checklist*
and more. At this workshop you will have the opportunity to not only become
familiar with these resources, but also bring your own issues and expertise
to the ongoing process of improving them.

This is the first such workshop in NYC, and the benefits for the NYC IoT
community are not just to take advantage of the vast experience that has
gone into the OTA guidelines, but also to contribute to their ongoing

*Admission is free. Refreshments will be provided*.


The Online Trust Alliance is an Internet Society initiative. OTA’s mission
is to enhance online trust, user empowerment, and innovation through
convening multi-stakeholder initiatives, developing and promoting best
practices, ethical privacy practices, and data stewardship.

The Internet Society is a global non-profit with the mission to promote the
open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all
people throughout the world. Formed 25 years ago, the Internet Society
focuses on the pillars of expanding access and promoting online trust.

IoT Nation's mission is to inspire, engage, and connect entrepreneurs,
investors, professionals, & enthusiasts worldwide who are active in the
Internet of Things (IoT). http://www.iotnation.com/

ISOC-NY is the Greater New York Metropolitan Area chapter of the Internet
Society (ISOC). Our mission: 1. in support of ISOC, to assure the
beneficial, open evolution of the global Internet; 2. to promote local
initiatives, maximize the societal benefits which the Internet can bring to
the New York area; and 3. to advance the professional development of ISOC
members in the New York area. https://isoc-ny.org

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