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Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 18:13:47 UTC 2018

Hi All

At the recent  ICANN meetings in Panama we had presentations by ICANN staff
regarding the  revised  CROP program.

Key changes
-  Reduction of CROP trips from Five to Three
-  Trips need to focus on ICANN events or  ICANN sponsored events
-  Trips have direct and demonstratable to ICANN Policy
-  Trips consistent to ICANN ORG outreach Plan
-   Focus of trips that stress policy, technical and advisory activities

Please  read the draft NARALO O and E  plan.  We need Joe and Chris's
feedback on the  ICANN activities

Here is the info

We need your  comments on the type of events we should  attend.  The
difference this year is not the typical Outreach but rather  Engagement
with an onus on ICANN Policy issues and concerns.
In consultation with staff we will summarize exactly the current policy
issues that resonsate with our community.  Important is appealing to our
membership on who is best suited to attend the events.   Another element
for consideration is for our members to self evaluate that they are the
best member to attend the meeting


Glenn McKnight
NARALO Secretariat
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skype  gmcknight
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