[NA-Discuss] Call for Volunteers

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Nov 14 15:36:54 UTC 2017

The first meeting of the Work Track on Geographic Names as Top Level 
Domains (referred to as WT5) will be held tomorrow, 15 Wednesday at 
20:00. Everyone who has an interest in the subject should consider 
joining the group. See 
https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2017-10-22-en for further 
information and 
to join.

In addition, the ALAC is seeking one WT Member from each region to be 
the regional liaison to this WT. Although not formally representing 
the views of the region or the ALAC, the presence of a liaison will 
ensure that each region has at least one person who plans to closely 
follow and actively participate, and that the ALAC has at least five 
people with whom to coordinate our related activities.

Anyone volunteering for the position of liaison must be registered as 
a Member of the WT (see above) and must commit to actively 
participating. All WT discussions are carried out in English at this time.

The ALAC will try to ensure that among the liaisons, we have a wide 
range of views and positions to ensure that the views of At-Large are heard.

Those wishing to become a regional liaison for WT5 should send an 
expression of interest (EoI) to At-Large Staff 
<staff at atlarge.icann.org> no later that Monday, 20 November at 23:59. 
The EoI should include:

a) Confirmation that the applicant has already registered as a Member of WT5;
b) the region of At-Large that the applicant is affiliated with;
c) a summary of the applicant's views (no more than a few sentences) 
on the use of geographic names as TLDs. These could include (but are 
not limited to):
         i) freedom of speech should allow any use of geographic 
names without permission;
         ii) geographic names should be fully controlled by the 
government(s) associated with the regions;
         iii) don't care about the details, but the result must be 
balanced to ensure governments are reasonably satisfied and there is 
reasonable access to geographic names by companies and others.
d) Subject line should include WT5 LIAISON.

All views are allowed, but the ALAC selection committee and the ALAC 
will attempt to ensure that all views have a voice.

Alan Greenberg
Chair, ALAC 
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