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I have no qualms in including anybody on a slate who has acted according to pre-established rules and procedures, always noting my passionate precondition that it does not compromise or foreshadow my eventual vote -up or down- on the issue and regarding a candidate or candidates in any way.

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> Hi Folks
> Recently I notified the NARALO membership to expect a vote to  agree or  disagree on including Sebastien  Bachollet  as a candidate in the slate for the  Board seat.   Currently only two names are on the slate  This week EURALO completed a purpose vote from their ALS's that agreed that he should be included.   
> The rules require that two additional RALO's must  agree PASSIONATELY  to expand the slate to include Sebastien 
> In order to measure  our  passion on this subject it seems we need to ask the community first on your views on this subject. If we feel passionate to include him then I will direct Ariel to promptly send out the vote.  
> Please note we have very little time to discuss this situation given the timelines set by the committee.  Changes in these processes should be high on the agenda for the next election cycle to reduce this type of confusion
> Take a minute and express your opinion on this subject .  If the majority of the opinions supports a vote so be it.  If the majority is against a vote we will tell the committee that our RALO will not hold a vote,   A 'no vote' resulting in no support for  adding  Sebastien to the slate.
> Opinions welcome
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