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Hi Folks

The  previous  email on the pending vote for the  replacement for  ALAN
GREENBERG for the  formal voting process  had erronously included  Eduardo
 Diaz   who  is not eligible since he is part of this  year's current
BCEC..  *In other words  we will only have one person standing for the

Here is the motion which will have a BIG PULSE arranged by staff to
follow.  This is only the motion. not the vote which staff will be sending
in due course.


- Alan Greenberg is currently a Member of the ALAC from the North American
Region and is a candidate for the ICANN Board seat 15 in the 2017 selection;
- the ALAC Rules of Procedure (RoP) specify that under normal conditions,
ALAC members constitute part of the Board Seat electorate;
- the RoP forbid a candidate from being part of the electorate, but allow
the RALO, by a formal vote, to identify a replacement for the purposes of
the vote;
- Evan Leibovitch has agreed to act in this capacity;

*Do you agree that Evan Leibovitch act as a replacement for Alan Greenberg,
in the event that Alan Greenberg is a candidate for Board Seat 15 at the
start of the formal voting process.= Yes= Abstain*

As usual, there will need to be a vote of the unaffiliated members in
parallel with the ALS vote, but ending a day earlier to allow John to cast
the unaffiliated vote.


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