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> Yep. I know this is always a slippery slope! But it's fun and trivia
> filled (thanks for the History class!)
> PS: How do we distinguish Canadian "Northern West-Hemispherians" from
> their Yankee neighbors to the South?

​Canadians by-and-large just don't think at all about this kind of thing.

We have a nice six-letter, acronym-free country name that is pronounced the
same in every language. Our flag is both symmetrical and globally
identifiable in monochrome. Our main I18N issues are that some languages
prefer a K rather than a C, and that Spanish and Portuguese strangely put
an accent on the last "a". Pretty small stuff.

OTOH, we NEVER use the word America or American or even "part of the
Americas" to describe any part of ourselves. Really, NEVER; the rest of you
are welcome to the term and to argue over its appropriation as long as you
like. We begrudgingly accept being part of a continent that includes the
word, but unless forced by foreigners we avoid its use due to instablity
(consider that NAFTA comprises just three countries and NARALO only two).

Heck, we didn't even join OAS until 1990.

So while we often get into domestic arguments about what is "culturally
Canadian" there are zero difficulties with nomenclature, and we get to sit
out discussions of (what seems to often be) silly minutiae over national
names, symbols and acronyms.

- Evan
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