[NA-Discuss] ICANN 2017 Nomcom Application Period Opens

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FYI and encouragement to apply for a position.



The ICANN NomCom is inviting applications and recommendations for the
following positions:

   - Two members of the ICANN Board of Directors
   - Three representatives to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) – one
   each from Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific Islands and Latin
   America/Caribbean regions
   - Two members of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization
   - One member of the Council of the Country-Code Names Supporting
   Organization (ccNSO)

Currently, the eight NomCom-selected Board members are: Maarten Botterman
, Cherine Chalaby <https://www.icann.org/profiles/cherine-chalaby>, Steve
Crocker <https://www.icann.org/profiles/steve-crocker>, Asha Hemrajani
<https://www.icann.org/profiles/asha-hemrajani>, Rafael Lito Ibarra
<https://www.icann.org/profiles/rafael-lito-ibarra>, Khaled Koubaa
<https://www.icann.org/profiles/khaled-koubaa>, George Sadowsky
<https://www.icann.org/profiles/george-sadowsky> and Lousewies Van der Laan

Guided by the broad public interest, those selected will work to fulfill
ICANN's mission to coordinate the global Internet's systems of unique
identifiers, and in particular, to ensure its stable and secure operation.
They will gain valuable insights and experience from working across
boundaries of knowledge, responsibility, culture and geography. They will
make a valuable public service contribution toward the functioning and
evolution of this essential global resource.

Fluency in English is a requirement for all positions.

Other qualifications, skills and time commitments vary depending on the
position. For information, visit the NomCom webpage
Application Deadline and Process

For full consideration, ICANN must receive applications by 21 March 2017,
23:59 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

   - Submit applications through the online application request form
   <http://nomcom.icann.org/apply> or by emailing nomcom2017 at icann.org.
   - Submit candidate recommendations through the online form
   <http://nomcom.icann.org/suggest> or by emailing nomcom2017 at icann.org.

All applications are confidential. Selections will be announced in August
or September 2017. Successful candidates will assume their positions after
ICANN's Annual General Meeting, to be held from 28 October to 3 November
2017. Please refer to the announcement on ICANN’s website at
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