[NA-Discuss] Homework from GA: short para about NARALO mtg and ARIN participation.

avri doria avri at acm.org
Mon Apr 10 16:57:22 UTC 2017


Not sure this is where it was to be sent.

What I valued most about the NAROLO GA was the chance to see the group
functioning as a group. I am an only an alternate member of NARALO for
ISOC-NY and often am looking elsewhere in ICANN, so perhaps have missed
the degree of cooperation on the list. Seeing what sort of group we may
be becoming, over the 3 days, was a good thing.  Personally I think more
time could have been spent on a smaller number of topics, but in general
thought the agenda worked out well and was worth the time.

I think the combination with an ARIN meeting was brilliant.  The
At-Large can give advice on any issue related to ICANN's mission in
names or numbers, so it is good to be in understanding with our
counterpart in the numbers space, not quite a sub-component of ASO, but
virtually, sort of.  Personally, though a long time subscriber to the
policy list, and previous remote attendee, I was happy to finally 
participate in one.  I appreciate their openness and they way their
process allowed for our participation.  There is a lot to be learned
from the way in which they implement the multistakeholder process that i
am still digesting.



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