[NA-Discuss] [APAC-Discuss] Announcement on IANA Stewardship Transition

Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro sala at pasifikanexus.nu
Sat Oct 1 18:51:23 UTC 2016

I join Rinalia in commending everyone! Thank you also to Sebastien
Bachollet and previous ALAC Chairs from the conception of ALAC. We are
witnessing a full circle example of an empowered community. Better the IETF
than any UN organisation ANY day, ALL day! It's what Postel would have
wanted :):):)

This is fantastic work and spans beyond 2 years with diverse organisations
and individuals lobbying, educating, blogging, debating, forums etc on what
we have just witnessed.

The US through the NTIA are giving up the power to approve changes to the
root zone file (RZF). *That is neither a domain name nor a property right*.
The RZF is a publicly shared data set.
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