[NA-Discuss] ICANN Anti Harassment Policy

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 13:45:08 UTC 2016

Hi Folks

I received notice of that the public comment period for the ICANN Community
anti-harassment policy
November 7th. for the next  58 days.  If you have any ideas you can add
your  comments to the public discussion .

Brief Overview

*Purpose:* This public comment proceeding seeks to obtain community input
on the proposed ICANN Community Anti-Harassment Policy
72 KB], which includes Terms of Participation and a Complaint Procedure.

*Current Status:* The proposed ICANN Community Anti-Harassment Policy was
created following consultation with experts and after consideration of the
public comments received on the already adopted revisions to ICANN’s
Expected Standards of Behavior. The community called for a more detailed
policy statement and a complaint procedure, which is included in the
proposal for the community’s consideration and input.

*Next Steps:* Upon completion of the public comment proceeding, ICANN staff
will summarize and forward any community input to the ICANN Board for
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