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For anyone unfamiliar with U.S. tax law, business expenses aren't refunded on a rolling basis, just once a year, IF the U.S. treasury can do so.  In the new economic atmosphere of Bernie Sanders whose presidential inauguration is one year away, lots of U.S. oligarchs will begin to move their money out of the U.S., they probably already started that process.  Let's do the math:

      20 Trillion in debt (2017)
- Less Billionaire Tax Money.

Less affordability/assets for, and interest in, the conference culture, as U.S. oligarch assets are reallocated overseas.  Why would there be less interest in the conferences though, wouldn't they still want to participate?

While all kinds of people from all economic levels attend conferences, the conference culture was only invented to take the shame out of being super wealthy in an oligarchy, the so-called "progress" occurring at the conferences, was actually only "travel", a perfect illusion of progress, and the world bought that illusion.  Part of the fun of the whole conference culture, for the oligarchs, was the pretending about progress, the fooling of the world as the world waited for tangible progress.  

But without a U.S. Oligarchy to provide an illusion for, without a world to fool, the U.S. oligarchs will lose interest in participating in the conference culture altogether in my opinion, instead spending their days enjoying New Zealand or whatever country they resettle in.  They had their fun exploiting America, they will take their ball and leave.  

Sanders will win in New Hampshire by 15 ponts and will be the 45th President of these United States.  The high taxes will be a "abdication of leadership penalty" on the U.S. oligarch clowns who collectively, purposefully and negligently failed at economic and social leadership.

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